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S.S STEEL AND SHEET POINT is an international metal,sheet,sheet trader. We source, produce and supply metals,steel,sheet to industries in kerala,Our strength lies in our aggressive sourcing activities and we specialize in metals & related commodities.We also sell machines, hardware items. Founded and led MR.NAVASUDEEN.S, MR.MUHAMMAD RIYAS.N AND MR.SHINAJ SHAJAHAN.They combined their years of experience in the field of metal, steel and sheet retail and wholesale, whose sole aim is to achieve greater connectivity among the smallest of the nations to the biggest market in the world...    Readmore

Steels are alloys of iron and carbon, widely used in construction and other applications because of their high tensile strengths and low costs. Carbon, other elements, and inclusions within iron act as hardening agents that prevent the movement of dislocations that otherwise occur in the crystal lattices of iron atoms. The carbon in typical steel alloys may contribute up to 2.1% of its weight. Varying the amount of alloying elements, their formation in the steel either as solute elements, or as precipitated phases, retards the movement of those dislocations that make iron so ductile and weak, and thus controls qualities such as the hardness, ductility, and tensile strength of the resulting steel. Steel's strength compared to pure iron is only possible at the expense of ductility, of which iron has an excess. Although steel had been produced in bloomery furnaces for thousands of years, steel's use expanded extensively after more efficient production methods were devised in the 17th century for blister steel and then crucible steel. With the invention of the Bessemer process in the mid-19th century, a new era of mass-produced steel began. This was followed by Siemens-Martin process and then Gilchrist-Thomas process that refined the quality of steel. With their introductions, mild steel replaced wrought iron.